Physics Project Lab

Physics Project Lab

by Paul Gluck and John King
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Oxford University Press, USA
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February 04, 2015
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This book is the result of many years of experience of the authors in guiding physics projects. It aims to satisfy a deeply felt need to involve students and their instructors in extended experimental investigations of physical phenomena.

Over fifty extended projects are described in detail, at various levels of sophistication, aimed at both the advanced high school, as well as first and second year undergraduate physics students, and their instructors. Carrying out these projects may take anything from a few days to several weeks,
and in some cases months. Each project description starts with a summary of theoretical background, proceeds to outline goals and possible avenues of exploration, suggests needed instrumentation, experimental setup and data analysis, and presents typical results which can serve as guidelines for the
beginner researcher.

Separate parts are devoted to mechanics, electromagnetism, acoustics, optics, liquids, and thermal physics. An additional appendix suggests twenty further ideas for projects, giving a very brief description for each and providing references for pursuing them in detail. We also suggest a useful
library of basic texts for each of the topics treated in the various parts.

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