Your Emerging Leadership Journey

Your Emerging Leadership Journey

by John King
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December 17, 2009
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Your Emerging Leadership Journey is the virtual guide for supervisors, managers, and recent graduates to use when planning their business career. Their plan will be based on the assumption that they will be promoted to a leadership position within ten years. For some, this journey can begin as early as the year of their college graduation. Within the book, the leadership essentials are clearly presented and supported by real life examples of success and failure.
  • The management phase of their career progression begins with knowing themselves, knowing others, and building relationships through emotional intelligence. Direction is provided for taking control of their career journey in order to minimize the time they spend in the management phase of their career. Once this task-oriented management phase has ended, and the candidate has been promoted to their first leadership position, responsibilities will change that entail taking the organization and its team forward toward a common vision. Highlighted in the book are critical factors to becoming a strong leader including the importance of integrity, courage, family, servant leadership, emotional intelligence, and managing for quality. After reading this book, you will be armed with the skills and knowledge to become an effective leader.
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